Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Universidad Nacional del Sur(UNS) Scholarship in 2009

Registration opened to the University Grants 2009

Registration is open for 2009 scholarships offered by the Ministry of Education's Office for university students. Also, there are students in the last year of the multi-going in 2009, not due to materials and average more than 7 points.
The requirements are a student face a career degree at a university or college national, not in his final year of the race or debit only examinations finales thesis. Moreover, not having a pre-degree diploma. The scholarships are given based on academic performance and socioeconomic needs of the family, and amount to $ 2,500 annually in fees to be charged. Can ask those who have received a renewal for one year.

The National College Scholarship Program also has several sub-programs specifically designed to finance scholarships for students in careers considered priorities by the State, like all lasingenierías, geology, geophysics, computer science, and others. Also, for students from indigenous communities and for students with disabilities.

The registration is open until September 14 and should be done only through the Internet.

More information can be viewed on the website of the Ministry of Education, or the page www.me.gov.ar www.uns.edu.ar

Personally, at the Secretariat General Welfare University, 1st floor of 80 Columbus Avenue, phone 0291-4595033.

WEBSITE: Universidad Nacional del Sur

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