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The Berlin Institute for Cultural Inquiry (ICI) Fellowships 2009/2010

Institution: ICI laboratory culture of Berlin, Berlin
Date: 14.09.2009-14.07.2010
Application deadline: 22.02.2009

As part of his first Leitprojekts Tension / Voltage writes the ICI culture laboratory Berlin following scholarships By 2009/10 from:

3-5 scholarships a year scholarships (10 months)
Grants or short (3 months, especially for arts and curators / curators thought).

The ICI Berlin Culture Lab is an independent cultural and research center, whose purpose it is, tensions between different cultures and to make productive discourse.
The ICI lead designs, based on several years and are designed for Fellows is the starting point and focus their own activities to form. The first project is called Tension / tension. The term "tension" in different contexts and meanings are used: electrical, creative, political, religious, sexual tension.

In all these cases referred voltage 'static but unstable conditions on the outskirts of productive or destructive processes. By the ICI in its first lead of the importance of tension "is dedicated, not least, be followed, the contract to reflect on their own.

The ICI invites researchers, curators and curators and artists from all disciplines to participate with their own projects and to participate in the notion of tension ', both within their own work as well as in cooperation with other Fellows of the Institute to explore.

The productive exchange between the fellows is a central concern of the ICI. The scholarship is designed so tender to researchers, creators and curators / curators who are interested in the conceptual and theoretical basis of their projects to reflect and about with fellows from various academic disciplines exchange.
Specifically, the willingness to regularly attend events at the ICI, and a residence in Berlin for the duration of the scholarship provided.

Beginning of the year scholarships is 14 September 2009. The fellowships last ten months and can be extended by another year. The short time scholarships each three months and begin on 14 September 2009, 11 January 2010 and 26 April 2010.

The amount of scholarships, depending on the degree, from 1100 to 1650 € per month.

Admitted applicants are from all disciplines, provided they have a university degree. There is no age limit, however, may consist of grants to legal reasons, the last academic degree (university degree, doctorate or postdoctoral) at the time of the scholarship for no more than 10 years ago. Good English language skills are required.

The application guidelines and further information is available on Applications should be communicated by e-mail to the given address.

Dr. Claudia Peppel

ICI Berlin laboratory culture, Christine Street 18/19
House 8, 10119 Berlin

claudia.peppel @
URL: http:/ /

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