Friday, October 10, 2008

Leonardo Da Vinci Scholarships 2008-2009 - University Foundation of Las Palmas Requirements

* This scholarship is open to new graduates (up to two years after the end of the race) from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and the University of La Laguna, up to 35 years old, with no work experience or up one year of experience.

* Candidates whose registration has been approved will become a second choice. In this second selection will be valued:

1. Election in order of preference of the country where they want to make the practices.

2. Setting the profile of the candidate to the needs of the company * (both from the FULP this as being the candidate).

3. Language and cultural life of the country where you want to the practice.

Only when the number of candidates exceeds the number of places of the country where they want to make the practices, a third selection to be applied in the following selection criteria:

1. Personal interviews in which they assess the candidate's attitude (8 points).

2. Average rating of academic records (2 points). Only this approach will be applied in case of a tie.
Those candidates who do not pass the third selection will remain as reserve candidates. "

* Important Note: The list of companies for this call is limited, it is recommended for the candidates on their own search for a company in one of the 9 countries listed. However, the agreement between the candidate and the company sought by him is pending the approval of the National Intelligence Agency (BEPA).

Equipment: Approximately € 3,000, although this varies, in more or less, depending on the country where they carry out the practice. This amount includes a return ticket, accommodation expenses, maintenance and insurance, as well as linguistic and cultural preparation. The participant must submit original invoices and proof of actual expenses incurred.

Start date: 10/10/2008


The registration is done in two ways (are not options, they must take the 2 steps)

1. Submit the following documents in a sealed envelope to the attention of Maria Isabel Padron at the address below Contact:

*Application for registration. (Download)

*Photocopy of the title or have paid the fees for the issue

*Photocopy of academic records (including average).

*Photocopy of the DNI.

*Curriculum Vitae (with photo) in Castilian and the other in English or the language of the country that wishes to practice. (Download CV model in another language).

*Cover letter in English or the language of the country that wishes to practice. (Download model letter in Spanish).

*Photocopy of certificates of languages.

*Certificate of working life (a request in the Treasury Branch).

*Affidavit of not having received this award before. (Download)

These requests will be classified in order of arrival.

2. Registration through the website of the FULP.

You must register in the database of UCEFE the link below:

Once you fill out the data that was requested and accepted, will return to the homepage of the UCEFE as a registered user.

There you will see a link that refers to the call of Leonardo da Vinci scholarship for graduates. Click to register as a candidate for the scholarship and enter the information requested.

This on-line registration is not ranked in order of arrival. However, it is mandatory and complementary to the first.

Closing Date: 30/09/2009

Duration: The stay is 6 months (26 weeks) in length. Stays must be completed before April 31 of 2010, the last exit that will be before October 31, 2009.


More information:

Management Scholarship Leonardo Da Vinci
University Foundation of Las Palmas
1st floor, Building II Polyvalent
Scientific Technological Park of the ULPGC
Campus Tafira Low


Phone: 928 45 99 54 (from 11:00 to 15:00)

* Before approaching the office, it is recommended arrange an appointment.


The University Foundation of Las Palmas (FULP) has opened the registration period for eligibility Leonardo Da Vinci that will allow recent graduates of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and the University of La Laguna (up to two years after the end of the race), carry out transnational corporations or training centers for persons in the labor market.

The University Foundation of Las Palmas has participated since the program's first phase and in all its calls, managed to date more than 720 practical training placements in European companies with students and graduates.

With these grants are intended to support the university in continuous training activities in the acquisition and use of knowledge, skills and qualifications to facilitate personal development and professional training, facilitating the mobility of workers in training, as well as promote the learning of foreign languages .