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American Library Association (ALA) Scholarship Program

The online scholarship application is now available!

The American Library Association, usually known by its acronym ALA, is an institution that a nuclear 64,000 librarians and library associations in the United States. Its mission is to promote the highest quality in information services and libraries, through the public access to information. It's probably one of the most active professional associations and with more partners in the world.

Scholarship money is available for future librarians. The American Library Association (ALA) has more than $ 300,000 for students who are studying library science or school library half at the master's degree level. Scholarships typically range from $ 1500 to $ 6500 per student per year. The application and instructions are available online at / scholarships. The application deadline is March 1, 2009.

The following items are required for all scholarship applications. Be sure to check the requirements of the specific scholarship for which you are applying because you may need to mail additional documents.

1. Required. Completed online application (which includes a personal statement).
2. Required. Completed references (only references on the official online form will be accepted). A total of three references must be submitted. You will be prompted to indicate your professional references within the online application.
3. Required. Official academic transcripts from institutions where you received your bachelors degree. Thesecan be submitted directly from the institution, or mailed in the unopened envelope as received from the degree-granting institutions along with any other materials you may need to submit. Only official (sealed) copies will be accepted. All items must be received in the ALA Scholarship Clearinghouse by March 1st to be considered. The mailing address is: ALA Scholarship Clearinghouse, 50 E. Huron St., Chicago, IL 60611.

Note: The completion of the application is the responsibility of the applicant.

Three major factors are considered in awarding these scholarships:
a) academic excellence;
b) leadership; and
c) evidence of commitment to a career in librarianship.

If you have questions or concerns about the application process, please contact the ALA Scholarship Clearinghouse at 1-800-545-2433 ext. 4279 or

Recipients will be contacted by phone after June 1st. All other applicants will be notified by mail after July 1st.

PLEASE NOTE: The scholarship application and the reference forms are both online submissions. The scholarship application and reference forms will be available until March 1, 2009.

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ALA-YFU Scholarship

Features of the scholarship

The scholarship YFU-ALA (Latin American Association of Youth For Understanding) is funded by member countries ALA - YFU. YFU Uruguay elect one candidate who meets the requirements of the program.

Program: Secondary

Destination: Ecuador

11 months

Launching the program:
August 2008

Grant: Total

Annual Program Ecuador

It's a student-cultural eleven months. Upon arrival the student participates in an orientation along with other exchange students. After integrating their host family with whom know the social and cultural life in Ecuador, their traditions and customs.

Contribute to the academy as a local student is one of its major tasks. The assistance is to public schools or private schools, depending on city and the host family.

Volunteers from the organization conducted seminars and orientations in order to monitor the experience of students. YFU Ecuador is organizing a trip where half the costs of the activity are included.

Being a high school student (or preparatory academy).
Be between 15 and 18 years inclusive, and may not meet the 19 years in the host country.
Being a good student, with an average of 8 (eight) or more in the last two years of lyceum / college courses.
Have application and good conduct.
Be very keen to meet people and interact, making friends in a familiar environment to feel at home.
Feeling curious to live in Ecuador.

Date of Registration

The deadline for submission is March 1.


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Inge Lehmann Legat

Inge Lehmann Legat, 1983

Capital purpose - is to provide support for scientific work in experimental psychology and Geophysics, the Geophysics case especially in the branches of which are grown in Denmark. In general, given observationel research priority, and purely theoretical research is supported only exceptionally. Basic research is supported in as much as research with direct practical purpose.
Scholarships awarded primarily for annual raises, which have higher education and scientific research to the goal. It is intended that the award should be able to cover a modest annual consumption and personal travel. However, there may be granted to researchers who wish to perform work in this country. Annual scholarship donations will be allocated the same researchers more than once. It should also be possible for the Foundation Board upon application to assign researchers deemed especially qualified, a larger scholarship amount, so that work in the longer term can be planned. Scholarships from the fund is primarily intended for Danish nationals, but foreigners may also be considered.

There will be last year and a half after the scholarship award submitted reports on the use made of support. There will be a brief overview of the work done and also a summary records, extensive travel and living costs, the latter possibly split up after varying circumstances. For the great legacies he must first report followed up by annual reports.

The Fund can not provide support to institutions or to work in an institution's official.


There are the application each year 1st April.

There must be application form, available by clicking here (using Adobe Reader, which can be downloaded here). Remember to indicate that it is Inge Lehmann Legat sought. All items on the form must be completed. The schedule printed out and sent accompanied by a detailed project description, resume and budget as well as any. opinion of the coach. Annex accompanying the application will not be returned.

Applications sent to:
Inge Lehmann Legat
Sciences Company
HC Andersens Boulevard 35
1553 Copenhagen V


Shaft Tovborg Jensen Legat

Capital purposes
Capital aims to strengthen the Royal Danish Society of Sciences business. It will, among others, say that the scholarship will steadily tea Its scholarship accounts, particularly through the purchase of medals when the company wants to distribute them.
In addition, scholarship ensure that at least every two years held a Bjerrum-Brønsted-Lang's lecture, named after chemistry core Niels Bjerrum, JN Brønsted and Kaj Linder Power-Lang, and through the first 12 handouts by Niels Bjerrum chemist Price from the formation of the scholarship must provide 3,000 kroner to the recipient of the prize.


There are the application each year 1st April and 1 October.

Capital can be searched by members of the Society of Sciences or the candidates recommended by a member.

There must be application form, available by clicking here (using Adobe Reader, which can be downloaded here). Make sure to specify which scholarship search. All items on the form must be completed. The schedule printed out and sent attached budget. Annex accompanying the application will not be returned.

Applications sent to:
Shaft Tovborg Jensen Legat
Sciences Company
HC Andersens Boulevard 35
1553 Copenhagen V


Lillian and Dan Fink Fund

The Fund's purpose - is to promote the dissemination of research and development results in order that scientific findings used in commercial and cultural life.

Aid can not be given to technical equipment or activities conducted exclusively in state or municipal level.


There are the application 1st April and 1 October, but applications are received regularly.

Applications should be short (maximum 1 A4 page + possible. Annex); budget and possible. press offers attached.

The application must include information on what other funds / scholarships have been tried for the same purpose, just as it should be disclosed, whether sought grants for publishing an academic thesis; that is the case, a copy of the opinion won. And explains of how the thesis is recast with a view to publishing.

There are no application form.

Applications sent to:

Lillian and Dan Fink Fund
Sciences Company
HC Andersens Boulevard 35
1553 Copenhagen V


Julie von Müllens Fund

Fund resources placed at the disposal of one or more Danish researchers in the field of concrete research, whose solution requires a longer stay abroad.

Capital is not an education scholarship, but after the charter can be assigned to the solution of "specific duties, as clearly defined." Scholarship awarded only to graduates or graduates who are educationally at similar levels.


There are the application each year 1st April

There must be application form, available by clicking here (using Adobe Reader, which can be downloaded here). Remember to indicate that it is Julie von Müllens Fund is sought. All items on the form must be completed. The schedule printed out and sent accompanied by a detailed project description, resume and budget as well as any. opinion of the coach. Annex accompanying the application will not be returned.

Applications sent to:

Julie von Müllens Fund
Sciences Company
HC Andersens Boulevard 35
1553 Copenhagen V


Niels Bohr Foundation

Fund :

Niels Bohr Foundation is an amalgamation of the four scholarships Niels Bohr Capital, Emil Herborg grant for young, English, Science poor Men, Marcus Lorenzen Legat and Ole Romer Foundation, and it continues in its objective aims of the four combined scholarships:
Niels Bohr Capital - to support such purposes falling under the Royal Danish Sciences Association's reach.

Emil Herborg grant for young, English, Science impecunious Men - to provide support for young people, Danish, impecunious scholars. No one scholarship recipient must be filled first award 30 years.

Capital primary target group is poor science thesis students or graduates under 30 years - regardless of gender. To be interpreted as lack of means that you can not get the scholarship, if you have a doctoral fellowship. In particular, support for travel and subsistence expenses, where the journey is estimated to increase the applicant's research potential. Legat units will be around. 10,000 kroner each. Marcus Lorenzen Scholarships - to provide support for promoting the study of English language and study of the Danish flora, including support for the release of substantial additional scientific work in these areas.
Ole Romer Foundation - to provide support to Danish scientists, primarily within the scientific disciplines related to Ole Romer scientific effort (astronomy, geodesy and physics), for example by contributing to travel with scientific purposes.

The objectives addressed in relation to the capital, had each scholarship from the merger.


There are the application each year 1st April and 1 October.

There must be application form, available by clicking here (using Adobe Reader, which can be downloaded here). Be sure to indicate that it is Niels Bohr Foundation, which sought (which must not refer to the combined endowments, and there will only submitted one application, whether the project applied for any. could come within several purposes). All items on the form must be completed. The schedule printed out and sent accompanied by a detailed project description, resume, budget, character print, and the opinion of the coach. Annex accompanying the application will not be returned.

Applications sent to:

Niels Bohr Foundation

Sciences Company
HC Andersens Boulevard 35
1553 Copenhagen V


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Universidad De Moron, Argentina Scholarship Information

During the month of December will provide information related to the Scholarship Regulations, which govern for the academic year 2009.
To that end, they may approach the Office of Fellowships, in the 1st floor of Building Annex I (Cabildo 208, Moron), Monday through Friday from 10 to 18.

Those who are able to manage Scholarships may conduct the proceedings from February 2 until March 31 2009 inclusive, in the following days and times: Monday to Friday from 9 to 18 and Saturdays from 9 to 11:45.


Monday, December 15, 2008

Scholarships in Uppsala University, Sweden

Uppsala University announces at the beginning of each semester available scholarships.

Faced filing periods in September and February is a list of the scholarships that are available to search just the semester. During the application period is given a full list of available scholarships here on the web. The list was also published in Uppsala student newspaper Ergo, and it is funding at the Faculty Student Office and at the reception at the university administration (Saint Olavinkatu 10 B) and on nations.

During the school year may also other scholarships available published. These are often targeted at specific groups of applicants and they may have different application periods. See separate announcements of scholarships, which can be sought now.

Even Nations distributes its own scholarships; more information on these is available at the respective nation.

Eligibility and selection
If the powers given to scholarship (kinship or the like) must be proved, such documents are attached. The university scholarship handbook is information about existing rules for the various scholarships. It can be purchased for SEK 30 at the Faculty Student Office or the university administration's Desk, St. Olofsg 10 B, plan 1. Scholarship Handbook is also posted at Uppsala College Administration website.

Scholarships are based only on full-time studies. While graduate students must be registered at 100 percent to be awarded the fellowship. Since a long time, the competitive situation was such that, unless special permission requirements for certain scholarship are met, the selection of fellows are among those who completed at least 4-5 semesters of study at the University.

The so-called "cap bursary regulates that a student can not hold several smaller grants in an amount exceeding the ceiling, currently £ 36,900 per year.

Students who hold a full training grants for graduate students or the equivalent income is only authorized to search the awards in category A (research grants) and B (IMGs) and scholarships under the statutes are intended only for research studies. Please note that travel can not be sought for already completed trip, or trip that began before the application deadline.

Data from the application documents, data processing.

Application forms can be downloaded from the web, see link in the left margin, and can also be downloaded application times at the Faculty Student Office, at the reception at the university administration (both at St Olavinkatu 10 B) and on nations.

Lists added scholarships are available on the Faculty Student Office, the Registry (St Olavinkatu 10 B, plan 1) and on student Nations at the end of the semester.

The awarded scholarship will be notified by mail. Applications from those who are not awarded a scholarship pulped.


Saturday, December 6, 2008

Finding The Ideal Scholarship: Secrets and Tips

At the time of seeking aid and subsidies, we must take into account requirements, documents and deadlines. The latest announcements and a series of tips to successfully pass through the nebula.

Initiate and pursue an academic career involves a few efforts, not only study but also economic. Sometimes, even enrolled in public universities, the cost can become real obstacles to the continuation of those who have embarked on the adventure education. In Argentina, many universities and institutions offer grants of various kinds in order to facilitate the studies to those who need it most.

Different institutions are dedicated to recognizing merit and open up new paths for students capable and excited. In some cases, cover, in addition to the academic fees, other expenses for transportation, lodging, lodging, medical insurance and others. The offers are varied and original and adapted to almost every taste.

However, the question is to know how this universe and managed. It happens, as with everything unknown, that the world of scholarship is presented as a mystery, one difficult nebulous to clear.

Where do you see for scholarships?

What myriad requirements will be needed to run?

What documents will be requested?

In principle, the institutions that offer scholarships are varied: embassies, international institutes, universities Argentine and foreign, national and international agencies, corporations, foundations.

Applicants must have a clear understanding about what they want and look in terms of their personal concerns. However, the claim must comply, then, as offered in the market for the scholarships.

The portal Universia Fellowship has 480 calls for tenders published classified materials, shapes, regions and entities. In turn, has a listing of Argentine institutions and foreign scholarship for Argentine citizens.

What are the requirements and documentation must be submitted?

Who will run for a scholarship need to pay attention to the dates of closure of registration since, in any case not be removed, except for an extension defined by the same institution bidder.

It should be remembered also that the documentation normally required extensive and requires certain formalities to get it. The candidate must meet all the requirements and submit all the required documentation within the specified deadlines.

There are certain documents that are constant for most of the calls: analytical certificates and diplomas from high school, curriculum vitae, certificates of foreign languages, medical records, photographs, letters of reference and recommendation letter for admission to the university that is forward The study chosen.

Those who follow a postgraduate certificate must submit the analytical and college graduates. In turn, each institution has its own criteria for establishing the requirements and documentation to be provided by applicants.

There is a period of the year in which invitations are issued. However, since in many cases, are offered scholarships to study in the northern hemisphere, the inscriptions are often close to half of the year to begin with the academic year in September. In the case of scholarships offered by universities in Argentina, the calls often start in the second half of the year and conclude in February or March the following year.

Source: News Today


Friday, December 5, 2008

The University of Manitoba, Canada, MSc and PhD Positions in Geochemistry

The geochemistry group in the department of geological sciences, University of Manitoba have funds to support several M.Sc. and Ph.D. students. Projects include ore deposits, evolution of seawater and atmospheric composition, tectonics and geochronology.

Students interested in the application of stable and radiogenic isotopes to these or similar geological projects are encouraged to apply. The department of Geological Sciences has recently acquired several new instruments including, two Delta V Plus with peripherals for the analysis of H, C, O, N and S, and a Cameca 7f magnetic sector secondary ion mass spectrometer (SIMS) for light and heavy isotopic analysis. These new labs complement the X-ray and microbeam facilities, which include SX100 electron microprobe, SEM, LA-ICP-MS, FTIR, Mossbauer, and powder and single crystal diffractometers.

Interested students should contact:

* Andrey Bekker (Precambrian atmospheric and ocean composition)
bekker[ at ]
* Alfredo Camacho (Tectonics and geochronology)
camacho[ at ]
* Mostafa Fayek (Uranium deposit research and exploration)
fayek[ at ]