Monday, December 15, 2008

Scholarships in Uppsala University, Sweden

Uppsala University announces at the beginning of each semester available scholarships.

Faced filing periods in September and February is a list of the scholarships that are available to search just the semester. During the application period is given a full list of available scholarships here on the web. The list was also published in Uppsala student newspaper Ergo, and it is funding at the Faculty Student Office and at the reception at the university administration (Saint Olavinkatu 10 B) and on nations.

During the school year may also other scholarships available published. These are often targeted at specific groups of applicants and they may have different application periods. See separate announcements of scholarships, which can be sought now.

Even Nations distributes its own scholarships; more information on these is available at the respective nation.

Eligibility and selection
If the powers given to scholarship (kinship or the like) must be proved, such documents are attached. The university scholarship handbook is information about existing rules for the various scholarships. It can be purchased for SEK 30 at the Faculty Student Office or the university administration's Desk, St. Olofsg 10 B, plan 1. Scholarship Handbook is also posted at Uppsala College Administration website.

Scholarships are based only on full-time studies. While graduate students must be registered at 100 percent to be awarded the fellowship. Since a long time, the competitive situation was such that, unless special permission requirements for certain scholarship are met, the selection of fellows are among those who completed at least 4-5 semesters of study at the University.

The so-called "cap bursary regulates that a student can not hold several smaller grants in an amount exceeding the ceiling, currently £ 36,900 per year.

Students who hold a full training grants for graduate students or the equivalent income is only authorized to search the awards in category A (research grants) and B (IMGs) and scholarships under the statutes are intended only for research studies. Please note that travel can not be sought for already completed trip, or trip that began before the application deadline.

Data from the application documents, data processing.

Application forms can be downloaded from the web, see link in the left margin, and can also be downloaded application times at the Faculty Student Office, at the reception at the university administration (both at St Olavinkatu 10 B) and on nations.

Lists added scholarships are available on the Faculty Student Office, the Registry (St Olavinkatu 10 B, plan 1) and on student Nations at the end of the semester.

The awarded scholarship will be notified by mail. Applications from those who are not awarded a scholarship pulped.

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