Sunday, December 21, 2008

Niels Bohr Foundation

Fund :

Niels Bohr Foundation is an amalgamation of the four scholarships Niels Bohr Capital, Emil Herborg grant for young, English, Science poor Men, Marcus Lorenzen Legat and Ole Romer Foundation, and it continues in its objective aims of the four combined scholarships:
Niels Bohr Capital - to support such purposes falling under the Royal Danish Sciences Association's reach.

Emil Herborg grant for young, English, Science impecunious Men - to provide support for young people, Danish, impecunious scholars. No one scholarship recipient must be filled first award 30 years.

Capital primary target group is poor science thesis students or graduates under 30 years - regardless of gender. To be interpreted as lack of means that you can not get the scholarship, if you have a doctoral fellowship. In particular, support for travel and subsistence expenses, where the journey is estimated to increase the applicant's research potential. Legat units will be around. 10,000 kroner each. Marcus Lorenzen Scholarships - to provide support for promoting the study of English language and study of the Danish flora, including support for the release of substantial additional scientific work in these areas.
Ole Romer Foundation - to provide support to Danish scientists, primarily within the scientific disciplines related to Ole Romer scientific effort (astronomy, geodesy and physics), for example by contributing to travel with scientific purposes.

The objectives addressed in relation to the capital, had each scholarship from the merger.


There are the application each year 1st April and 1 October.

There must be application form, available by clicking here (using Adobe Reader, which can be downloaded here). Be sure to indicate that it is Niels Bohr Foundation, which sought (which must not refer to the combined endowments, and there will only submitted one application, whether the project applied for any. could come within several purposes). All items on the form must be completed. The schedule printed out and sent accompanied by a detailed project description, resume, budget, character print, and the opinion of the coach. Annex accompanying the application will not be returned.

Applications sent to:

Niels Bohr Foundation

Sciences Company
HC Andersens Boulevard 35
1553 Copenhagen V

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