Saturday, August 21, 2010


Government of Switzerland Offered GRADUATE Scholarships for international students.

Deadline for applications: 11 Oct. 2010

Topic: Various Specialties.
Country: Switzerland
Duration: 01 academic year (nine months)
>Language: French, German, Italian or English (in some cases)
Code: 20100417BMAE

Swiss Government

Universities and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.


  1. The trainee receives a monthly, manual review of application at:
  2. Health insurance against sickness and accidents (except dental).
  3. The scholarship does not cover one-way airfare, but if it covers return tickets.

Directed To:

=> Scholarships will be targeted at those who, with honors, holding a diploma and wish to continue their graduate studies in Switzerland.


1 .- application folder of the Office of Scholarships and Student Loans-Obec (attach pay stub). Fill out all forms of Obec.
2 .- Three (3) letters of the workplace or university. One, addressed to the Chief (e) of the Office of Scholarships and Student Loans, another Executive Director of the Peruvian International Cooperation Agency-APCI, and the other, the entity sponsoring the scholarship.
3 .- Application form for Switzerland. This form, PDF format, must be completed on screen, printed and signed by the applicant, see attached (no manuscript form). Must have a photo, do not accept photocopies of photos.
4 .- Copy of all university degrees (photocopies of certificates containing the courses that the applicant has made during his university studies, with the notes thereon, copies of graduate certificates, graduate and professional degree will lend weight to his candidacy.
5 .- Two letters of recommendation (original) of teachers, on letterhead and seal of the university.
6 .- Nominations for the stages of research: Full Research Project of approximately five pages and a presentation of papers or research studies conducted to date that may be of particular interest for the grant of scholarship.
Nominations for a Master: A covering letter of approximately 2 pages stating the reasons for choosing to study in Switzerland, the importance of this choice to study in Switzerland, the importance of this choice for future career and professional projects at the end of the scholarship studies.
7. Curriculum vitae (in the language of the relevant study)
8.Candidaturas for research stages: a copy of the confirmation of a university professor who leaves a Swiss who agrees to supervise the investigations (one university).
Nominations for a Master: copies of correspondence with the management or supervisor Master. At the time of submitting his candidacy, it is not necessary to be admitted to the Master Programme (one Master Program)
9 .- Do not exceed 35 years (considered only those born after 01/01/1976).
10.-Photocopy of the last certificate of the language of study (attach other language certificates required by the university or ETH Switzerland, scoring required)
Return Commitment 11.-signed by the candidate to return to Peru once they finish their fellowship and their period of study in Switzerland, under the Annex.
12.-Affidavit of no criminal record or police, according to the Annex.
13.-All documents must be accompanied by the appropriate translation (French, German, Italian or English). It is not necessary to submit official translations for now, until the Swiss University so requests, the same candidate can do the translation of documents into the language of study chosen, each original document and copies will be stapled behind translation.
14 .- Do not receive another scholarship at the same time. Unable to work in Switzerland.

NOTE .- The records are incomplete or poorly presented will not be examined.

For Master programs, the candidate should undertake, in parallel with the scholarship application, all necessary steps to enroll in a program. They are two different ways and the candidate should compulsorily brought before a Swiss university in order to apply for a scholarship. The regular registration deadlines must be respected Program. Any application fee and other expenses related to enrollment in programs run by the candidate.

Be attached to the medical certificate, according to the form Certificat médical / Aerztliches Zeugnis only if it is found that the application meets all requirements of the Federal Grants Commission (the physician chosen by the Embassy of Switzerland will sign this certificate, putting their stamps with the number of tuition). The Embassy of Switzerland issued later this form directly to the person concerned.

The Embassy submitted to the decision of the Federal Commission for Scholarships for Foreign Students in Switzerland the files checked, evaluated and selected by this Diplomatic Mission, giving priority to the study visits ("stages") for research projects. Excluding grants in artistic fields.

It should be noted that while the candidates meet the required conditions, the grant shall not be granted automatically and that the final decision rests with the Federal Grants Commission to undertake a selection among candidates from all countries and awarded their scholarship to the best, regardless of their nationality.

* Studies / specialties / postgraduates at Swiss universities: To see the studies (majors) may be in Switzerland, we recommend visiting the website (in French and German). There is also a link to postgraduate studies. However, it should be noted that not all specialties / postgraduates are included in the scholarship program. It is appropriate that stakeholders are advised to contact the Swiss embassy before submitting his candidacy.

For further information visit the website of the Swiss Embassy:


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