Sunday, December 21, 2008

Inge Lehmann Legat

Inge Lehmann Legat, 1983

Capital purpose - is to provide support for scientific work in experimental psychology and Geophysics, the Geophysics case especially in the branches of which are grown in Denmark. In general, given observationel research priority, and purely theoretical research is supported only exceptionally. Basic research is supported in as much as research with direct practical purpose.
Scholarships awarded primarily for annual raises, which have higher education and scientific research to the goal. It is intended that the award should be able to cover a modest annual consumption and personal travel. However, there may be granted to researchers who wish to perform work in this country. Annual scholarship donations will be allocated the same researchers more than once. It should also be possible for the Foundation Board upon application to assign researchers deemed especially qualified, a larger scholarship amount, so that work in the longer term can be planned. Scholarships from the fund is primarily intended for Danish nationals, but foreigners may also be considered.

There will be last year and a half after the scholarship award submitted reports on the use made of support. There will be a brief overview of the work done and also a summary records, extensive travel and living costs, the latter possibly split up after varying circumstances. For the great legacies he must first report followed up by annual reports.

The Fund can not provide support to institutions or to work in an institution's official.


There are the application each year 1st April.

There must be application form, available by clicking here (using Adobe Reader, which can be downloaded here). Remember to indicate that it is Inge Lehmann Legat sought. All items on the form must be completed. The schedule printed out and sent accompanied by a detailed project description, resume and budget as well as any. opinion of the coach. Annex accompanying the application will not be returned.

Applications sent to:
Inge Lehmann Legat
Sciences Company
HC Andersens Boulevard 35
1553 Copenhagen V

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