Monday, December 22, 2008

ALA-YFU Scholarship

Features of the scholarship

The scholarship YFU-ALA (Latin American Association of Youth For Understanding) is funded by member countries ALA - YFU. YFU Uruguay elect one candidate who meets the requirements of the program.

Program: Secondary

Destination: Ecuador

11 months

Launching the program:
August 2008

Grant: Total

Annual Program Ecuador

It's a student-cultural eleven months. Upon arrival the student participates in an orientation along with other exchange students. After integrating their host family with whom know the social and cultural life in Ecuador, their traditions and customs.

Contribute to the academy as a local student is one of its major tasks. The assistance is to public schools or private schools, depending on city and the host family.

Volunteers from the organization conducted seminars and orientations in order to monitor the experience of students. YFU Ecuador is organizing a trip where half the costs of the activity are included.

Being a high school student (or preparatory academy).
Be between 15 and 18 years inclusive, and may not meet the 19 years in the host country.
Being a good student, with an average of 8 (eight) or more in the last two years of lyceum / college courses.
Have application and good conduct.
Be very keen to meet people and interact, making friends in a familiar environment to feel at home.
Feeling curious to live in Ecuador.

Date of Registration

The deadline for submission is March 1.

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