Sunday, December 21, 2008

Shaft Tovborg Jensen Legat

Capital purposes
Capital aims to strengthen the Royal Danish Society of Sciences business. It will, among others, say that the scholarship will steadily tea Its scholarship accounts, particularly through the purchase of medals when the company wants to distribute them.
In addition, scholarship ensure that at least every two years held a Bjerrum-Brønsted-Lang's lecture, named after chemistry core Niels Bjerrum, JN Brønsted and Kaj Linder Power-Lang, and through the first 12 handouts by Niels Bjerrum chemist Price from the formation of the scholarship must provide 3,000 kroner to the recipient of the prize.


There are the application each year 1st April and 1 October.

Capital can be searched by members of the Society of Sciences or the candidates recommended by a member.

There must be application form, available by clicking here (using Adobe Reader, which can be downloaded here). Make sure to specify which scholarship search. All items on the form must be completed. The schedule printed out and sent attached budget. Annex accompanying the application will not be returned.

Applications sent to:
Shaft Tovborg Jensen Legat
Sciences Company
HC Andersens Boulevard 35
1553 Copenhagen V

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