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Call for applications in March 2009 - scholarships Hermes

Hermes The program aims to enable young post-doctoral researchers in the humanities and social sciences from emerging countries (Asia: China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Latin America: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Peru; South Africa, Central and Eastern Europe), to conduct research stays in France. The tours, for a term of between 3 and 9 months, are designed to enable researchers asked:
- To carry out individual research in a host laboratory,
- To integrate into networks of French and European scientists,
- To establish lasting cooperation between their institutions and the institutions.

Laboratories in France - research units belonging to university or a research organization in Paris or region - are chosen by visiting researchers. This choice is made in consultation with the scientific management of FMSH. It Candidates can help to establish the necessary contacts.


Applicants must hold a PhD (or equivalent qualification).
They must belong to a research institution associated with universities, academies of science, or a research organization in their country.
The age limit is 40 years.
A practice of French and / or French is required, it is essential that the candidate control one of the working languages of the host laboratory.


Entries must be submitted in two stages:
- A partial file electronically (application form, resume, list of publications, scientific project)
- The application forms by post in 3 copies.

More info on the call for applications Hermes

Presentation of the program Hermes


Humanities and Social Sciences


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