Monday, January 5, 2009

Scholarships in Music - The United World College of the Adriatic

The United World College of the Adriatic offers five scholarships per year for musically gifted students to all United World Committees around the world, including Historically those who have not sent students to Italy. Eligible applicants are pianists or string players (violin, viola and 'cello), with a strong background in classical music and performance, and the clear ambition to pursue their musical interests at university / academy / conservatory, although not necessarily professionally.

The selection is carried out by the Maestri of the Trio di Trieste on the basis of a detailed CV, testimonials, and performance illustrated with a VHS video of good quality, concerning the execution of the first movement of a classic-romantic sonata, and one free choice piece of music.

The motivation underlying these scholarships is threefold:

  • To take better advantage of the presence on the premises of the College Trio di Trieste International School of Music

  • To give the music prominent position it deserves in the United World College which has its home in Italy

  • To provide for all students in the College and a practical demonstration of the daily determination and self-discipline required for the development of natural talent optimim

For further information regarding these scholarships, please contact the College at:

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