Saturday, January 17, 2009

Postdoctoral fellowship to Canada 2009-2010

Canada offers Postdoctoral stipend twelve months to Norwegian citizens who recently passed his Ph.D. in humanities, social sciences, natural sciences or technology.

Applicants must be citizens and have prepared doctorate in the past four years, or take the degree before the stay in Canada starts. Moreover, applicants must obtain an invitation for a twelve-month postdoctoral stay at the public Canadian university or research institutions of their choice.

The scholarship amounts to 32 000 Canadian dollars (about 180 000 dollars) and is not taxable in Canada. There is no family support.

The application deadline is 26 January 2009, and Post doctorate in Canada must be completed within 30 September 2009.

Get full application form, guidelines and attachments at the Canadian Embassy's website:

Canadian Post-Doctoral Research Fellowships (PDRF)

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