Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Erasmus / International for the year 2009/2010

The University of Valladolid opened this week the call for Erasmus with over 2,300 scholarships for their students, although the International Relations, is expected to cover about 1,000 places for pupils from the conventions that holds the University of Valladolid with other institutions internationally.

Of the more than 1,000 existing agreements with other universities, both European and outside Europe, some of the races with more seats are required in schools of Philosophy and Letters, 216, Economics 115, Science 78 Law, Architecture with 59 or 41.

In total, 25 are the degrees of which about 1,000 students will benefit from these grants, both in Europe and beyond, and there are also agreements with 35 institutions in countries such as Canada, Japan, Brazil, Taiwan and Australia

Italy is the favorite destination, as for some of the races is very attractive for its artistic heritage, such as art history or architecture, or its similarity to Spanish law, for law students . France and Germany are chosen for their proximity or language in most cases, while Belgium is also chosen by some students because of its likeness in the field of law, and Portugal, is chosen both for its ease in the language and by its proximity to Spain.

Currently about 900 students at the University of Valladolid are enjoying these grants, under which, from the International Relations, is expected to do so for the next academic year 2009/2010, thanks to the call that opens During this week. A growing number of Erasmus students that has been happening over the years.

Erasmus These include the financing of the European Union, the Ministry of Education, Sport and Social Policy (MEPSYD), the Castile and Leon, and several banks.

In addition, the University of Valladolid MEPSYD grants and up to all students, especially those with a less favorable economics in their homes. The additional allocation is around 450 euros per month.

The duration of the Erasmus ranges from three months is only a semester or academic year as a whole.

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