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Carlos Pellegrini Foundation: Scholarships FCP 2009

Scholarships FCP 2009.
6th. Concurso de Monografías called on the current thinking of Carlos Pellegrini.

Carlos Pellegrini Foundation, an agency that seeks to spread democratic ideals and the advantages of free enterprise competition, hereby announces to all students in the country and any race at the 6th. Concurso de Monografías Edition 2009.
This theme is called:

If Carlos Pellegrini alive today,
Articulate how the foreign policy of the nation?
What are your priorities ... the important and urgent issues?

The Foundation awarded scholarships awarded to the work consisting of a financial subsidy of $ 12 monthly fee 250 (two hundred and fifty pesos) non-refundable.

Closing date for submission of Monographs: March 10, 2009, at 18 hours.

Bases Program Scholarship Foundation Carlos Pellegrini for university students.

The program aims to promote awareness of the thought of Carlos Pellegrini between the college student population in general.

1) It is open to all university students enrolled as regular students Argentines in a house of studies, public or private, officially recognized by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of the Nation.
Regular student status must be accredited with a certificate issued by the university.

2) The paper must be written in Spanish and presented on paper, in quadruplicate. The length of the paper is 20 pages of A4 paper, written in Times New Roman font, size 12, with the text justified, typed double-spaced on one of their faces and upper top, bottom and left 2 5 cm. and the right to 2 centimeters. Must be accompanied by a letter, showing the full name, identity card, address and e-mail, telephone and University of the participant.

3) It shall refer the case and the letter in magnetic media (floppy disk or CD) written in MS Word format, with an external label stating the title of the paper and the name of the author.
If these demands were impossible to comply for financial reasons, the paper may be submitted in one original paper, accompanied by a letter requesting the exception to the filing requirements.

4) The text of the work should include an abstract (Abstract) of the essential aspects of the monograph.

The summons must be made according to the following guidelines:
A. Order of the information to cite books:
1. Name and surname of the author.
2. Book title.
3. Number of volumes.
4. Name of the publisher.
5. Instead of publishing.
6. Year of publication.

B. Must be taken into account:
a. The titles of the works will be in italics (versalita or italics).
b. Respect punctuation placed in the above examples.
c. Not correspond with the extension of the work, biographical notes or endnotes.
d. In the text, when the appointment is less than 3 lines, is in the same entrecomillada and in italics.
e. In the text, when the event exceeds 3 lines, is in italics, without quotation marks.

5) The theme of the paper for this contest is called:

If Carlos Pellegrini alive today, how articulate the foreign policy of the nation?
What are your priorities ... the important and urgent issues? Why?

6) The content of the paper must be completely original and can not contain or be equal or similar to a published work.
Authors are fully responsible for its text as well as ideas and opinions expressed in the paper.
May not participate in the competition who have previously won the scholarship.

7) The Scholarship Committee will be composed of professionals from academia. A reader pre Commission, established with the criteria of free competition, evaluate all of the material received and will select those papers to respond properly to the bases and submit to the jury.

For selecting the winning papers, the Scholarship Committee will consider:
1. The participant's knowledge of the work of Carlos Pellegrini.
2. The originality of approach and treatment of the work written Carlos Pellegrini.
3. Original contributions on the actions of Dr. Pellegrini in the current socio-political-cultural and economic life of our country.
4. Research capacity manifests itself in writing, of literature and the ability of synthesis of thought as a rich and broad as reflected Carlos Pellegrini.

The Scholarship Committee will give its vote to be final.
The Scholarship Committee may declare the prize.

8) The scholarships are a monthly subsidy of $ 250 (two hundred and fifty pesos), non-refundable. It has a total of 12 monthly installments.

9) presented a paper to the contest necessarily imply full and unconditional acceptance of these bases.

The awarding of the grant means that the authors of the works assigned to the Foundation awarded Carlos Pellegrini all copyrights for reproduction in any graphics system, mechanical, electronic or any other kind and their dissemination.
In case of doubt, claims or discrepancies emerging directly or indirectly from the performance of these bases, the parties undertake to resolve them through friendly composition and not only thrive if the dialogue will be subject to the jurisdiction of Courts of the City of Buenos Aires.

10) The participants must submit their work until 10 March 2009 at 18 hours (if postage is taken into account the date and time stamp) to:

Fundación Carlos Pellegrini
(1035) Avda President Roque Sáenz Peña 832. The 2nd floor.
Buenos Aires. Argentina.

The Scholarship Committee will announce the winners on April 21, 2009 through the website of the Foundation.

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