Monday, January 5, 2009

Physics Scholarships - The United World College of the Adriatic

The United World College of the Adriatic offers five scholarships per year for students gifted in the study of Physics. These scholarships are for candidates from East / Central Europe, and from the Developing Nations of the world. Eligible applicants, with a strong background and interest in Physics, will indicate the clear ambition to pursue their interest in the theoretical and experimental sciences at university.

It is expected that, upon completion of the IB Diploma, scholarship funding will be made available for further education at universities through the Italian Government of Italy's "Accordi culturali" program.

The selection is carried out by a committee established by the Adriatic College, on the basis of a special application form and report by the applicant's Physics teacher. The selection process may include the results of a test which the National Committee would be asked to monitor.

These scholarships are on offer to all National Committees and Selection in East / Central Europe and from the developing nations, not just to those which have sent students to the College in the past.

The scholarships cover all costs at the College. Travel and pocket money will only be provided, following specific request by the National / Selection Committee, in those few cases where neither the Committee nor the student's family is able to meet these limited expenses.

The motivation underlying these scholarships is the following:

  • To counter the deepening and critical international student disaffection with the study of Physics by providing a program of study in this study for gifted young scientists.

  • To consolidate educational opportunities for students from the developing world and East / Central Europe.

  • Gifted young scientists to challenge beyond the IB program.

  • To strengthen the UWC of the Adriatic's position as a center of excellence in the Sciences.

  • To make optimum use of the facilities of the Rita Levi Montalcini Science laboratories.

  • To strengthen links between the Adriatic and the College prominent international scientific and research institutions collectively known as the Trieste System.

For further information regarding these scholarships, please contact the College at:

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