Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Subject: Post Doctoral Studies.
Areas of study: Science, Technology and water.
Location: Israel.
Duration: One year.
Modality: Face.
Language: English.
DEADLINE: 25 September 2009.
Code: 20090265MCDOC


• UNESCO-Israel.


For candidates from developing countries and be committed to a level post of postdoctoral research in the field of science, technology and water. The scholarships are aimed at individuals who have demonstrated an intellect, outstanding, imagination and personal commitment which is expected to return to their countries make significant contributions.


• The lump sum that includes all the costs, local currency equivalent of $ 20,000 annually to each applicant selected for support during their study / research in Israel. This amount offered to cover the costs of international transport route approved for housing, food, books, local transportation, telephone charges, medical insurance and contingencies, and so on.


• Folder application of the Office of Scholarships and Educational Credit-Obec (attach receipt). Fill out all forms of Obec. N.B: Please check Attachment.
• Two (2) letters for the workplace or university. One, addressed to the Chief of the Office of Scholarships and Loans Educativo2 and the other, the entity sponsoring the scholarship.
• Submit 2 copies of the completed application Unesco, duly completed in English (attached in annex), with 2 recent photographs (4x6 cm). Must put an email address that the candidate used regularly.
• Certified copies of degrees or diplomas (including transcript of grades) by the Secretary General of the home university or the NRA, or notary public.
• Applicants must have received a Ph. D. degree in a period of three years before the beginning of his research work in Israel, legalized by the General Secretariat of the University or the National Assembly of Rectors
or Notary Public.
• Two letters of recommendation from leading personalities in the area of study / research of the applicant (at least one of them should not be of the same university of the applicant or someone familiar with the work of the applicant.
• Title and abstract of the dissertation / Ph.D thesis written by the applicant including the official records of studies to arrive at the graduate level.
• Name, title and comments of the principal tutor in the dissertation / thesis of the applicant.
• A short description of a page in length, about the research the candidate wants to achieve during the period of postdoctoral training.
• Medical Report form completed Part I and II. (Attached in annex).
• Candidates should directly contact the institutes or universities in Israel where they want to work and be able to integrate a research program that extends over time. Applicants are invited to visit the website of the universities and institutes will find relevant information on the facilities and centers for research and development, the research team and the academic institutions of higher education. (attached in annex).
• It encourages candidates to submit their applications directly, as soon as possible, because each college / institute participant can close his share and close the nominations for this program before October 2009.
• It must indicate the name of the university or institute in Israel that has a concept to be the host of the applicant and submit the written agreement, indicating that the institution is (a) support for their research work.
• Curriculum vitae documented photocopy.
• Applicants must be able to communicate in the English language. Must possess the TOEFL.

• Candidates must master the language in which training is proposed in the country to study or conduct research, so you must submit certificate of proficiency in the language in the form of Unesco or certificate of proficiency in the language a competent authority. (as attached as an appendix).
• Medical certificate issued by an agency of the Ministry of Health or EsSalud showing good physical and mental health.
• Copy of ID.
• Do not take into account the incomplete files or applications received after the deadline, or applications that do not meet the above requirements.

Also present in MANILA FOLDER, A photocopy of all documentation.



1) Medical Certificate
2) Universities
3) UNESCO Form

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