Tuesday, July 28, 2009

II International Course on Formulation of Social Projects By Called Logical Framework Methodology

TOPIC: Social Projects
MODE: Face
LOCATION: Colombia
DURATION: 05 to 09 October 2009
CODE: 20090283MCUR
DEADLINE: August 11, 2009


• Study the fundamentals of the methodology called Logical Framework as a tool in planning, conceptualization, design and evaluation of social projects.
• Train participants to the basic application of the methodology.


Organization of American States-OAS / Francisca Radke Foundation and the Universidad Tecnológica de Bolívar. Colombia.


• The Department of Human Development of the OAS provides round trip airfare, economy class, between home and headquarters of study not provided funds for terminal dues and transit.
• The Foundation Radke Francisca cover 50% of the tuition for the course. Which equates to $ 500.00 as the total value of tuition is $ 1000.00.
• Francisca Radke Foundation, the National Pedagogical University and the Universidad Tecnológica de Bolívar provide material support, academic development and logistics for the workshop.
• Francisca Radke Foundation and the Colombian Institute of Educational Credit and Technical Studies Abroad ICETEX, bring to the recipients of the scholarships awarded by the OAS of the following items:
a.) Housing Friday 4th to Sunday October 9, 2009. Breakfast Monday 5 to Saturday October 10, 2009
b.) insurance for medical care and hospital length of stay in the country
c.) Tax out of the country up to U.S. $ 49.30 (approx.)
d.) Refreshments during the course
e.) Materials for the course
f.) Internal Transport (Airport - Hotel, Hotel-University)
g) Contingencies of up to U.S. $ 34.70 (only if warranted)
Responsibility of the Selected Candidates:
• All candidates or institutions that support them, must pay when registering for the course, 50% of the registration of it, which amounts to U.S. $ 500.00 each.
• It is the responsibility of each applicant to cover its cost of food for lunch and dinner during stay in the country. It is estimated that the daily value of $ 20.00 per person for U.S. $ 10.00 U.S. $ 10.00 Lunch and Dinner.


The course work two areas: Concept that emphasizes the theoretical framework of the methodology called Logical. Implementation covered the presentation, analysis and development of an application of the Logical Framework methodology. The course will be a special emphasis on analysis and problem identification as well as in developing strategies to deal with it, and monitoring indicators will be treated tangentially but are not part of the course. The academic content is composed of the following topics:

1. Conceptual underpinnings of the logic of the project (project cycle).
2. Introduction to the Logical Framework, Definition, explanation and analysis of general concepts and methodology.
3. Identification of the initial identification of the problem to solve.
4. Construction of the problem tree analysis, problem definition strategies,
5. Design of the Project Planning Matrix.
6. Building the Operational Plan of the project.


• Folder application of the Office of Scholarships and Educational Credit-Obec (attach receipt). Fill out all forms of Obec.
• Two (2) letters for the workplace or university. One addressed to the Chief of the Office of Scholarships and Educational Credit and the other, the entity sponsoring the scholarship.
• Collect and fill the application forms 4 OAS Professional Development:
1 .- Scholarship Application Form (Fill out this form online at the following address:
You will automatically receive a copy of the completed form in your email address and should print and sign it.
2 .- Recommendation Form.
3 .- recommendation from the employer.
4 .- Objectives of the study and development.
Forms 2, 3 and 4 must be obtained from the following website http://www.educoas.org/portal/es/oasbecas/formapd.aspx?culture=es&navid=281
* Forms must be filled out electronically or by machine
• Curriculum Vitae documented according to the theme of the course, which shall be submitted in accordance with the model is attached as an annex, and tabs should be used for each item of resumes, only for the Master.
• Photocopy of Bachelor, University degree certificate by the Secretary General of the University or the National Assembly of Rectors. Undergraduate or graduate level in Education, Finance Management, Engineering and other academic areas involved with the design of projects.
• accredit two (2) years experience in design, implementation and evaluation of projects using different methodologies to the Logical Framework. (Experts on the Logical Framework should not apply)
• Perform a post of director-level or media, at least two (2) years.
• Have knowledge of programs such as Word, Excel, Internet management.
• Submit an essay justifying why want to make the course and what the impact will result in the development of their institution and / or country. (max. 2 pages)
• medical certificate to be in good physical and mental health.
• Photocopy of national identity.
• Submit a CD with the following scanned documents in Word or PDF (weighing not more than 1MB or failing fractions): Forms OAS request, recommendation, employer's recommendation, under review, the baccalaureate, and university title the test.

* If you have been helped with a grant from the Professional Development Program in the last twelve (12) months, or if you currently have a scholarship for academic study, not be eligible to apply for another grant from the Professional Development program.
If you experience difficulty completing or sending the request, send an e-mail to: PDSP@oas.org


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