Friday, February 4, 2011

Science, Technology and Society. Contributions of Gender (Circular No. 239/2010)

SUBJECT: Science, Technology and Society
METHOD: Distance
DURATION: From 18 April to 1 May 12, 2011
CODE: 20110005MDIS
Deadline for applications: 18 Mar. 2011


Organization of American States-OAS / UNESCO Regional Chair on Women, Science and Technology in Latin America with headquarters in the area of Gender, Society and Policies FLACSO - Argentina.


• Enhance the quality of science and technology education from the integration of conceptual and pedagogical contributions of gender studies.
• Publicize the contributions of women to the various disciplines of science and technology development throughout history and today.
• Promote the use of innovative strategies in the teaching of science and technology to create attractive learning environments for children and youth.
• Link the approach to science and technology with everyday life problems, interests and motivations / Young people and teachers' professional culture of science and technology.
• Use this approach to promote the development of their communities.
• Induce and stimulate the scientific imagination and innovation in science and technology training.


• Current challenges for science and technology education: The paradigm of science, technology and society. Reflections on their goals and pedagogical approaches. The role of education in the democratization of science and technology.
• Presences and absences. The contributions of women in science and technology. His place in history of science.
• New paradigms in philosophy and sociology. The implications of these frameworks of meaning have for education.
• Say and do science and technology with the young people. The scenarios in which education occurs, science and technology. The creation of productive and stimulating environments for teaching science and technology.
• Girls and boys toward science and technology. Myths, stereotypes and realities. Representations, ideas and views on gender found in scientific and technological education.


Department of Human Development, Education and Culture of the OAS, UNESCO Regional Chair on Women, Science and Technology in Latin America, FLACSO-Argentina, will cover the full cost of tuition for scholarship recipients.


• application folder of the Office of Scholarships and Student Loans-Obec (attach receipt). Fill out all forms of Obec.
• Two (2) letters for the workplace or college. One, addressed to the Chief of the Office of Scholarships and Student Loans, and the other, the entity sponsoring the scholarship.
• Collect and fill the 4 application forms OAS Professional Development:
1 .- Scholarship Application Form (Fill out this form online, at the following address:
You will automatically receive a copy of the completed form in your e-mail, must print and sign it.
2 .- Recommendation Form.
3 .- recommendation of the employer.
4 .- Objectives of the study and development.
Forms 2, 3 and 4 should be obtained at the following address
• Copy of academic degree or bachelor degree in areas related to the theme of the course, certified by the Secretary General of the University or the National Assembly of Rectors.
• Curriculum Vitae documented according to the theme of the course, which must be submitted in accordance with the model annexed and spacers should be used for each item of resumes, only for the main file. (Refresher courses must have a minimum age of 3 years. Just as research projects or manuals or articles shall have a minimum age of 4 years). Have certificates also studied abroad should have the chain of Legalization.
• Letter of introduction to the organization or institution where they work, which will indicate the main background and the project which will dump the foreground.
• Aimed at planners / es, officials / os, actors for strategic policy design educational and scientific / technological, principals and teachers are co-ordinators for career and college-level disciplines and upper primary and secondary perform in the techno-scientific field. Priority is given to related professional / teaching children with science and technology concerned / os in the inclusion of gender in their areas of intervention.
• Proficiency in word processing, Internet and email.
• Photocopy of national identity.
• Submit a CD with the following documents scanned PDF: Application Forms OAS, to Recommendation, Recommendation of the Employer, the study objectives and the bachelor or university degree.

* If you have been helped by a grant from the Professional Development Program in the last twelve (12) months, or if you currently have a scholarship for Academic Studies, are not eligible to apply for another grant from the Professional Development program.


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