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SUBJECT: Language Arts, Music, Crafts
LOCATION: Indonesia
LANGUAGE: English.
DURATION: 6 months to 1 year.
CODE: 20100593BCUR
Deadline for applications: 14 Feb. 2011

DARMASISWA is a scholarship program that the Republic of Indonesia offered to foreign students from countries with which it has diplomatic relations to study the language, art, music and Indonesian crafts as well as other courses in any college or school to participate in this program. The Ministry of Education undertake this program in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The main objective of the RI DARMASISWA is to encourage and promote interest in the Indonesian language and culture among young people in other countries. It also created for exchanges with scholarship programs offered by other countries to strengthen citizens and cultural ties and understanding between nations.


• Ministry of National Education of the Republic of Indonesia.


1 Academic Program 1 year (RI Regular)
This non-degree program lasts 1 year and offered to foreign students to learn the Indonesian language, and other regional languages such as Indonesian arts, music and traditional dances and crafts in Indonesian institutions.

2 Academic Program 6 months:
This non-degree program offered to foreign students to learn the Indonesian language only for a period not exceeding 6 months.


• Free registration
• Countertop offered by the Ministry of Education.
• The university or institute to assist the applicant to find accommodation.
• Participants will be picked up at the airport upon arrival.


• Willingness to engage with their academic program
respective institutions.
• Participants must commit to completing the program.
• Any participant who has been accepted must sign a letter
Statement before traveling and sent to the Embassy of the Republic of
Indonesia in your country of residence. The specific letter as follows:
• Comply with all regulations of the university or educational institution
where the study participant.
• Do not apply for career changes or place of study before or after
participant's arrival in Indonesia.
• The participant shall not engage in any activity
• The participant shall not engage in any political activity, work or receive payment as remuneration for work or services during their stay in Indonesia.
• The participant shall not engage in any activity involving
drug use.
• Do not travel out of Indonesia during the program.
• It is forbidden that the participant is accompanied by a relative during the period of study in Indonesia
• Participant will accept to be sent back to their country of origin without
meet or violate any or all of the standards required for permit
of stay in Indonesia.


To pursue studies in Indonesia requires the participant
VITAS DARMASISWA request a temporary stay visa issued by the Embassy of Indonesia in your country of residence. On arrival in Indonesia, the participant must change this visa DARMASISWA the limited duration valid for 1 year on arrival in Indonesia at the premises of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Directorate General of Immigration, Ministry of Justice and Human Rights.
It is strictly forbidden for the participant using a tourist visa to study in Indonesia as this will affect the process of their limited stay visa.


The Ministry of Education does not cover accommodation costs
the participant.


The scholarship covers a monthly allowance for expenses of Rp 1,500,000 (equivalent to approximately U.S. $ 160) that is transferred to the university or institute where the study participant.
Since money for scholarships awarded is not sufficient to meet daily needs, it is expected that participants bring with them additional money in U.S. dollars so that they can change the local currency is the Indonesian rupiah.


The Ministry of Education, does not assume any cost
tickets for participants from their country of origin to
Indonesia or vice versa. The Ministry of Education will bear the costs themselves
of passages from Jakarta to the respective regions of each
participant. However, participants should bear the costs of
return to Jakarta.


The Ministry of Education does not provide health insurance type, therefore
is expected that participants obtain international health insurance.


The selection of candidates is scheduled for mid-March 2011.
It will announce the result of successful candidates in early April 2011.
Participants must confirm their acceptance of the grant in early June 2011.
Participants should arrive in Indonesia in early August 2011.
Orientation courses will be taught during the first week of August 2011. Note: Students must be in Indonesia before the onset of induction courses.
Starting school is in September 2011 to July 2012 for participants in the regular academic program of one year.
Participants take courses at the University of Indonesia in Jakarta will begin classes in early July 2011.
Starting school for the academic program participants six months is separate from August 2011 until January 2012.


• application folder of the Office of Scholarships and Student Loans-Obec (attach receipt). Fill out all forms of Obec.
• Two (2) letters for the workplace or college. One, addressed to the Chief (e) of the Office of Scholarships and Student Loans, the other to the entity sponsoring the scholarship.
• Application Form attached as an annex, or downloaded from the website
• Be a citizen of Peru
• No more than 35 years
• Submit a copy of certificate of academic (university or institute) and any other document attesting to their level of education with a translation certified.
• Medical certificate showing your good health certificate by a local doctor bilingual. Ask the embassy the certificate must complete the doctor.
• Have a good command of English language (communicative level)
• will be considered participants to have a basic knowledge of the course all that apply.
• Seven (7) recent photos 4x6 cm.
• Photocopy of passport valid for at least 18 months.

ALSO PRESENT IN MANILA FOLDER THREE photocopy of all documentation.

Deadline for submission to the Office of Scholarships and Student Loans:
February 14, 2011

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