Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Postgraduate studentships for UK residents starting 2009

For UK/EU Students who meet the residency requirements, FULLY-FUNDED STUDENTSHIPS in the areas below.

The grade 5 RAE-rated School of Biological Sciences comprises 85 academic staff and 134 postgraduate students organised into 3 Research Divisions, Cell Regulation and Signalling, Integrative Biology, and Population and Evolutionary Biology. The School research income is approximately 15M p.a., has a state-of-the-art building and equipment, and offers an unrivalled range of research facilities and services, including the Centre for Cell Imaging, Functional Proteomics, and Advanced Genomics (including microarray). We offer a vibrant and interactive research environment for graduate students, that is supported by our acclaimed Graduate Training Programme. Applications are invited for studentships in the following projects funded by BBSRC and NERC.

(i) Studentships will be offered as part of a prestigious BBSRC 4-year PhD programme from the following projects:

Project 1: Prof. N. Hall, Prof. A.J. McCarthy (INDUSTRIAL CASE)
Metagenomics of microbial communities on human skin (more>>)

Project 2: Dr. J. Hartwell, Prof. N. Hall
Functional genomics of Crassulacean acid metabolism in Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi (more>>)

Project 3: Dr. JP de Magalhaes, Dr. P.A. Murray
Construction of mouse embryonic stem cell lines exhibiting longevity biomarkers (more>>)

Project 4: Dr. I Barsukov, Dr. D Bennett
Structural aspects of talin regulation through Rap1 signalling (more>>)

Project 5: Dr. H.E. Allison, Dr. M.J. Horsburgh (INDUSTRIAL CASE)
Metagenomic analysis of bacterial populations associated with canine oral health through pyrosequencing (more>>)

Project 6: Prof. S.S. Hasnain, Dr. J.G Grossmann, Dr. R.W. Strange
Structure-function studies of human extracellular superoxide dismutase (SOD3) (more>>)

Project 7: Professor J.E. Turnbull, Dr. P.A. Murray (CASE) CLOSED FOR APPLICATIONS
Controlling stem cells with heparan sulphate analogues and polymer scaffolds (more>>)

(ii) 3.5-year NERC Studentships will be offered from the following projects:

Project 8: Prof. GDD Hurst, Dr. I. Saccheri
Following the Red Queen: co-evolution in bacterium/insect interactions (more>>)

Project 9: Prof. M Begon, Dr. J. Chantrey (CASE)
Transmission dynamics and pathogenesis of squirrelpox in UK red and grey squirrels (more>>)

Project 10: Prof. R.H. Marrs, Dr. J. Hartwell (CASE)
Is there a biological rationale for the Framework Species Approach to land restoration? (more>>)

Project 11: Prof. A.J. McCarthy, Dr. H.E. Allison
The molecular biology and microbiology of cellulose degradation by anaerobes (more>>)

Project 12: Prof. A.R. Cossins, Dr. O. Vasieva
Genomic and reverse genetic approaches to the identifying genes for inducible cold tolerance (more>>)

(iii) Three-year MRC In Vivo Initiative Studentship, with University of Manchester:

Project 13: Prof. M.R.H. White, Prof. J.R.E. Davis
Development of transcriptional patterning in the pituitary (more>>)

(iv) BBSRC SABR studentships, with University of Warwick

Project 14: Prof. M.R.H. White
Human Systems Biology (more>>)

(v) Following project available for self-funded students

Project 15: Dr. JP de Magalhaes
Developing and applying computational methods to understand the genetics of ageing (more>>)

Details of postgraduate training delivered by the School of Biological Sciences and the University.

Application by email, indicating the project(s) of interest (and supervisors) in priority order, giving the reasons for this, together with a c.v. including the names and contact details, together with e-mail addresses, of two academic referees, should be sent as soon as possible to: Mrs. Linda J. Marsh, Research Support Office, School of Biological Sciences, The Life Sciences Building, Crown Street, Liverpool L69 7ZB (email:, Fax: 0151 795 5122). Review of applications begins from mid January 2009. Please indicate where you first saw the project(s) advertised.

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