Friday, October 19, 2007

Ada Byron Award

Year of Study: any
Deadline: November/May/August of each academic year
Apply to: Elizabeth Price, Scholarship Comm
Value: $3000.00
No. Available: variable - determined by Scholarship Committee

Basis of Award: The Ada Byron Award recognizes the leadership and contributions of an individual to increase and promote the involvement of women in computer science.

Primary Selection Criteria: Individuals must demonstrate leadership in and significant contributions towards increasing and promoting the involvement of women in computer science. For example, students may demonstrate this by playing a leadership role in events which encourage women to pursue careers in computer science.
Secondary Selection Criteria: Providing a positive role model for women in computer science; contributing voluntarily to the life of the Faculty of Computer Science and/or the broader Dalhousie University( community; being known as a congenial, reliable, mature person who is respected by peers and Faculty; exemplifying motivation and encouragement; demonstrating strong academic performance.

Field of Study: Computer Science

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